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Sons Of Akronia LLC

WTF Series 1 - Promo #4/5 - Wariosoft Fatty - SHIPS NOW!

WTF Series 1 - Promo #4/5 - Wariosoft Fatty - SHIPS NOW!

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Have you ever wondered 'what if' LolCows were part of another universe?  Well, the WTF Series does just that!  Taking LolCows, Scribes and Troles and we see what they'd be like if they were part of something....different!  

WTF Series promos are each available for a very limited time.  Every 5th and 20th of each month will have a new promo available.  Once a new promo is posted, the former will no longer be available until the five card series bundle.  The bundle will be available after five 'WTF' promos have been released!

Single-release promos will be different from the bundle package as the single-releases will have a textured surface, while the Series 1 bundle will not.

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