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Sons Of Akronia LLC

.Volume X - 10 card premium booster - IN STOCK NOW!

.Volume X - 10 card premium booster - IN STOCK NOW!

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Volume X is our biggest release with 50 cards in the set! Volume X is expanding the LolCow TCG to a whole new level. Every card in Volume X has a holographic element, but the most Legendary extended art cards are the most spectacular! 

Be on the lookout for WILD CARDS that you can redeem for any card we've printed (except for the 1/1 The One Medallion). Wild Card redeemed cards will be serialized 1/1 cards.

Every pack has 10 cards, including one Tape card and one Token character card, with a 1:10 chance at the Golden Tape Legendary rare.  Extended art Legendary rares are seeded 1:3 packs, at least one Legendary rare per pack (1:1).

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