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WTF Series 1 collection GOLD EDITION

WTF Series 1 collection GOLD EDITION

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Celebrate our WTF Series 1 completion with our Series 1 GOLD EDITION collection!  All 5 cards from our WTF Series are included in each Gold Edition package.  Each card is gold bordered, HOLOFOIL and SERIALIZED X/99  Each package is also serialized X/99 to make this a truly unique piece!  These are extremely limited with only 100 total made.

Each Series 1 Gold Edition Collection contains

1x Super Movie Bob (Holofoil/Serialized)
1x Lil Raxx (Holofoil/Serialized)
1x Ralphy, Hero of Guntstar (Holofoil/Serialized)
1x Wariosoft Fatty (Holofoil/Serialized)
1x Boogey Kong (Holofoil/Serialized)

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